Please vote to retain Judge John Kutzman to serve as a Montana District Judge - Cascade County

Please vote to retain Judge Kutzman

John Kutzman-248-jakMontana has given my family and me much for which to be thankful:

Great educational opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally;

The pursuit of a successful career in the law;

Communities in which my wife and I have enjoyed long-standing friendships and worked to build a safe and vibrant environment for people of all backgrounds and means; and,

The spectacular landscape that surrounds us.

I believe we can’t just take from Montana. I think we all have to find ways to give back to Montana, to our communities and to our friends and families.

Last year, I determined one of the ways I can best give back to Montana is to serve as a district court judge in Cascade County. I applied for the opening that resulted from the retirement of Judge Kenneth R. Neill, and Governor Steve Bullock appointed me to the position last June. After more than two decades of successfully representing the interests of my individual and business clients in private practice, I now serve Cascade County and the State of Montana in this position.

Every day, my oath to Montanans is preserve, protect and defend the Constitutions of the State of Montana and of the United States of America. At the District Court level, we see some of the most difficult and challenging matters facing our communities. It is an honor to be entrusted to protect the rights of Montanans and to insist on the fair, impartial and non-partisan application and interpretation of our laws to every matter.

While I don’t claim to be perfect, I remain committed to achieving the best possible results for the people and entities involved in the matters that come before me. I am confident that my performance has and will continue to meet the high standard I expect of myself and that my colleagues and community members expect of me.

I seek to be retained in my position as District Court Judge in Cascade County (District 8, Department 3) to continue serving our community and the State of Montana. It’s the best way to put my legal experience, sense of fairness, and knowledge of the law to work for my community and for Montana.

For these reasons, I ask for your support and for your vote for me to be retained on election day, November 8, 2016.


Judge John Kutzman

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